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4th Edition of Chemistry World Conference

The 4th Edition of Chemistry World Conference in Paris, France, from June 17-19, 2024. Esteemed scientists, researchers, academics, and industry professionals from across the globe gathered at this prestigious event to delve into the theme of "Modifying Chemistry with the Novelties that Accomplish Future Goals."

Chemistry Congress meticulously curated sessions that encompassed a wide range of topics, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the field. Attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in areas such as green chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science, drug discovery, catalysis, and sustainable energy solutions. Each session provided a platform for researchers to showcase their groundbreaking findings, engage in meaningful discussions, and foster potential collaborations. The diverse array of topics encouraged interdisciplinary connections and inspired participants to think beyond their own areas of expertise.

Beyond the sessions, the conference featured interactive workshops, poster presentations, and engaging panel discussions. Chemistry workshops were designed to offer hands-on experiences and practical knowledge in specific areas of interest. Overall, the Chemistry World Conference's 4th Edition was a remarkable event that brought together experts from various fields to exchange ideas, promote innovation, and advance the frontiers of chemistry.

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Dates: June17-19,2024

Venue: Paris, France


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