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Death of the Apocalypse-a hauntingly eerie novel

From a darkened corner Death stepped into view. The officers froze. Death’s horse reared up, snorted, and pawed the cement, causing sparks as his hooves scraped against the cement. Now Lieutenant Filipiak drew his weapon. Death took up a stance, brandishing his sword. Charges of electricity radiated from the ghastly entity.

“Who are you?” the lieutenant asked.

“I am the darkness, the intolerable, and the horrid. I am evil and all that you fear. I am pestilence, the decay of life, and all that you detest. I am oppression and hopelessness. I am the chill that sweeps through a man before fear sets in, and the cold that devours life after fear has taken its toll. I am all that is vile, and all that is unbearable to mankind. I am Death.”


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Death of the Apocalypse-a hauntingly eerie novel 1 review

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