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    August 3, 1992, when the official premiere of Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece entitled "Without forgiveness". Some experts on the genre emphasize that he died much earlier – along with his greatest hero, John Wayne ("Gunslinger" from 1976). The fact is, the western doesn’t have the audience impact and so many new productions it undoubtedly did in the ’50s,’ 60s and ’70s. Well, Wayne is dead, Peckinpah and Leone are also dead, so you might as well. to conclude that the western is gone forever. It’s hard for me to disagree with this statement, but I personally think that his death took place almost exactly 2 years later after "Unforgiven", because the last – so far – notable western is "Wyatt Earp". The production side of the work itself is very interesting. Behind the camera is Lawrence Kasdan – the author of the screenplay for such classics as "Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark" or the fifth and sixth parts of "Star Wars". An excellent cast was assembled on the set. The title role is played by Kevin Costner, who has already collaborated with the director on "Silverado". The other characters were played by actors of such class as Dennis Quaid, Gene Hackman and Michael Madsen.

    Interestingly, another American project on the same subject was created in parallel with the film, called "Tombstone". Both works hit theaters almost in parallel, so they had to compete with each other for profits. It’s amazing that two pictures were created at the same time, telling the same story.

    Please forgive me for comparing these works "lightly" in my review.

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    It is worth noting that the cinematic events shown in "Wyatt Earpie" were real. The title character is the legendary sheriff of the Wild West, who lived in the years 1848-1929. Also the famous movie shooting at O.K. Corral and the supporting characters in the film really appeared. Earp’s story is today one of the most famous and classic tales of the Wild West. It shows the true heroism, courage and heroism of the prairie times. No wonder the Americans decided to film the subject. After all, it is a significant part of their history. American audiences love such films where their compatriot turns out to be a patriot, a hero. For this reason, we are surprised by the dry and even unfavorable reactions of the critics and the audience after the premiere of the work (Złote Maliny). The first plus point that can be seen already on the "Wyatt Earpie" DVD box is movie time. 191 minutes suggests that we will be dealing with a real saga about the life of the title character.

    And indeed it is. The action of the picture begins when Wyatt is a teenager. Later we meet him as a young man who finds the perfect wife. After her death, he becomes a horse thief to change his life and become the sheriff. Earp is changing its jobs from Dodge City to Tombstone, where the most famous events take place. Of course, there are many interesting events along the way and there are several colorful characters, but I don’t want to reveal everything. The great advantage of the work is that it shows a detailed psychological portrait of Wyatt. We observe him at key moments in his life – from a young man, through a horse thief, to the toughest sheriff in the Wild West.

    We see him changing his behavior, including his appearance. Earp from the first scenes of Costner playing the role (the young man, of course, is played by another actor) is nothing like the later gunslinger. The film story is a detailed record of how one of the greatest legends of America at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries "forms" out of a teenager, a young horse thief. When the viewer is watching the final credits of the picture, he cannot even believe that during these 3 hours of projection he observed such an extensive record of one person’s life. Many a movie (such as the competing "Tombstone") would focus only on selected, shortened fragments of Earp’s life, and that would be a key mistake. If you want to convey such an extraordinary, yet true story, you need accuracy, and this is certainly the case in the film. As a result, a work of heroic, fascinating, romantic, but also authentic was created. It is worth noting that the film has a very important universal message. So it is not a typical action movie or mindless shooting. One might be tempted to say that "Wyatt Earp" is the kind set in the realities of the western "The Godfather". The work is characterized by the words of the elder of the Earp family (small, but sensational role of Gene Hackman): "Blood ties are the most important." Indeed, according to this short but repeated message, Wyatt is trying to live. When he becomes sheriff, he employs his brothers for the same job, so that soon the laws in the city are almost exclusively guarded by the Earpos. The only ally outside the family is Don Holliday. It is also the brothers who accompany him during the adventures of n